Animation for your video projects. Why is it so widespread and what types are there?

Since the mid of the past decade, video has increasingly become a part of many businesses who offers various products, services, or both.

From these types of videos, the ones that are truly making waves are animated videos; or animations for short. Animations such as the one below.

Animation is typically chosen instead of live-action videos because of many cons that filmic productions do not provide:
  • NO LIMITATION ON IDEAS. The sky is the limit in animation (and not even that!). Any idea you can think of can be created with visuals using animation. Examples can be seen where the laws of physics are broken, and characters which are not human included in videos; elves, aliens and anything else you can think of.

  • SIMPLICITY AND CLARITY. With the power of the moving image in animation, words are not much required or not at all. The idea is conveyed through the animated imagery and can relay longer ideas in a shorter span of time than film, which relies on voiceover, can. This is important, because in media every second counts.

  • IT CAN TAKE YOU TO PLACES. Animation can break the routine of the modern day-world. Whereas live-action simulates the real world, animation can be a mix of humorous cartoony or dark and scary and anything in between.

  • TECHNICAL PROCESSES MADE SIMPLE. If a video has to cover a highly technical process, animation can be much more useful than live-action as anything can be done using graphics; from “exploding” a system to show the interiors and how they fit, to creating cut-outs of products and many more.

  • COST EFFECTIVE. Compared to live-action, animation can be a lot cheaper as there is no need for hiring actors, creating sets, props and materials and also having to deal with logistics; travel, insurance, weather, etc. Everything is done through specialist software in a computer and can thus changes can be made easier and with a reduced cost when compared to film.

Truly, animation can breathe “new-life” into your projects and business ideas; services or products, as it can create strong emotional responses and elation. Do not hesitate, contact us today and we will show you how animation videos can help your own business.

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