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Spartan – Branding & Web Design

Spartan Elite Security, is a bodyguard and security services company specialising in the top-tier of their professional industry; while offering a wealth of services.

We were approached to revamp their branding and also help design their website and several print material for their everyday use. These include: business cards, security signs and compliment slips.

Spartan Elite Security logo

Spartan Elite Security


Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design


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Spartan Elite Security

Highlight – CTA

An important aspect of every website is providing the user with an action; interactivity. In Spartan we added such interactivity with Call-to-Action sections.

There are two CTA sections in the homepage. The first is always at the side of the page via the red button with the envelope icon-this button opens a quick form for getting in touch with Spartan. The second CTA section is right after the gallery part in the home page, given a light grey background. This button leads currently to the website’s contact page.

Both these CTA sections attempt to allow the user to interact with the website and to provide the company with a potential client by getting hold of the clients basic details.

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