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Questions on Web Design

There are two main things you will need to begin creating a website:

    • A domain: this is the name of your website on the internet address bar (ex.,,, etc.).
      You can buy these either alone or together with your next important thing to have for your website, which is:
    • Web Hosting: this is the space you rent on the internet so that you can set up your own website. Various web hosting services exist with pros and cons and various prices.
      We can help you with this option choosing the most cost-effective, feature-rich and scalable option for your business.
      Some hosting service plans also offer free domains as part of their service.
      Having worked with a wide range of hosting services for the last 7+ years we will make sure you get your value for money with your chosen provider, after you are provided with the best options.

There are a few types of websites you can have:

Landing page: this is a simple one-page for signing up to a newsletter or a contact form.

Brochure website: a services website for an agency or individual. You can expect a minimum of 5 pages (Home, About, Services, Contact, T&Cs), but you can go up to tens of pages.

e-shop: this is a website that sells products (or services) and includes a shopping cart and checkout. These are more complex websites and you can expect the cost and development time to be higher and longer accordingly.

Member website: you can also opt to create a website where your users/clients can sign in to a member’s area, where they can interact and/or access content.

However, you can also create a website that is a mix of these types.

The frank answer to this question is: it depends. It depends on what type of website you need. Is it a brochure website? A simple landing page? An e-shop? A website that can offer member login?

The most common choice if you look at the statistics the world-wide-web are WordPress websites; 40% of the internet share, and even large organisations or companies use it. Examples are CNN, MSN News, Sony Music and many others.

The most important aspect of any web technology used however is a Content Management System (CMS) and so whatever company or web technology builds your website you need to make sure that it has a robust one so that your content can be updated as easy as possible.

Similar to the previous question it will depend on what kind of website you require.

The simplest websites can take 1-2 days to create, whereas complex websites; such as e-shops and members websites, can take a few weeks to create.

Also, the more personalised and custom a website is, the more time it will naturally take to build.

The best option here is that you have your own images and/or video, yet these have to be of good quality otherwise they may not be able to be used for your website.

If you cannot use your own photos or videos for whatever reason, we can either arrange photography or videography services for you or you can do this yourself through an external studio. Or you can opt to use stock photography, which we can provide.

We suggest you have your own imagery/videos though.

To create your website you will have to provide us with some copy (text) of your business for the About and Services pages. We will need this at the beginning stages of creating your website.

If you cannot provide this information, you can opt to have us write up the About and Services pages of your website, after consultation with you. Fees will be discussed with you for this service separately if you prefer we write this text up for you.

You can definitely get such a service from us, yet it is a separate service from web design.

This service is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and it is offered to you, should you request you want your website to be on the first page/first on Google.

It is a short or long process depending on what keywords and meta descriptions and on how many of the website’s pages you require this service.

It is a very personalised service and we can discuss this when a web design process is nearly complete.