Wunda 3D Animation

Wunda Group is a company that specialises in modern underfloor heating systems. In order to better illustrate their products, 3D animated videos have been created.

The videos are split into two categories. Showcase and Technical.

All video have been created to scale using Maxon Cinema 4D to create and animate the 3D elements and Adobe After Effects for post-production.

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The showcase videos are a set of 6 small 1 to 2 minutes videos, which show how the certain type of underfloor heating product is fixed under your floor and what flooring type each can accept.

The other video is a technical one, which explains how the manifold works; which is one of the main components and heating regulator for any underfloor heating system.

The Systems

Seven different systems were designed in Maxon Cinema 4D for Wunda. These are: EPS, acoustic fibre, 2 different joist systems, clip track, castellated pipe tray and gypsum. Various floorings were also designed and incorporated in each system, based on the suitability of each one. These floorings were created using textures and/or a combination of maps (most have bump and normal maps, while others have reflection and displacement maps).

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