Does typography affects any design? If so, how?

It is true that a picture is 1000 words. And in the world of design, images and graphics have a main role in everything. However, type is usually not given any emphasis in terms of design and added as an afterthought.

Below, we will understand why type should be given thought right from the very beginning; we will understand why it is so important.


    To understand the aforementioned statement, have a look at the image below and try to guess which brand is depicted in each of the five logos.

    Guess the logo - GuessGuess the logo - Reveal

    Use the slider on the right side of the image to view the results. How many did you get correct? Probably all or most of them. Why is that? Theay are the same colour (all red). However, their consistent use of certain type throughout the years in all forms of product or service marketing have made these logos memorable; they have created brand recognition.


    Thinking of the logos above, it is evident that they have used different font styles; slab, script, serif or sans-serif. They all have one common element, that is they have eye-catching type, each in their own unique way.

    Thinking of a flower shop, for example, when someone attempts to create a logo for them the first style the would go to would usually be a script font, which relays elegance playfullness. Sans-serif and Serif would be the secong choices, depending if the flourist wants a more modern or more vintage approach respectively. Yet, very rarely one will see a flower shop with a slab font, mainly used in construction or technology (ex. IBM, Honda, Sony). Such fonts are used to convey strength, stability and rigidity. To use such a logo the flower shop would be passing on such a message ; maybe they specialise in selling big solid trees or stable healthy flowebeds. In any case, it is quite rare.

    The important element to remember is that whichever type of font is used it should be relevant and consistent as it will impact the brand in all further marketing endeavours.


    In any marketing attempt, whether it is print or digital, one of the crucial elements is the text that people are going to read. Thus, type should be correctly sized, spaced and thought out in general; it should serve some purpose. Good type can make all he difference, with someone staying to read a brochure or website, while doing the opposite with distasteful or bad type.

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