The differences between 2-2.5 and 3D

So what is 2D, 2.5D and 3D I have been hearing about? The differences between 2-2.5 and 3D. When talking or asking about a design project, whatever that may be, you will often hear the terms 2D, 3D and sometimes even 2.5D. So what are the differences between them? They are the three types

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Why Use Animation for your Videos?

Animation for your video projects. Why is it so widespread and what types are there? Since the mid of the past decade, video has increasingly become a part of many businesses who offers various products, services, or both. From these types of videos, the ones that are truly making waves are animated videos;

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The Importance of Typography

Does typography affects any design? If so, how? It is true that a picture is 1000 words. And in the world of design, images and graphics have a main role in everything. However, type is usually not given any emphasis in terms of design and added as an afterthought. Below, we will understand

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