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Spartan Elite Security, is a bodyguard and security services company specialising in the top-tier of their professional industry; while offering a wealth of services.

We were approached to revamp their branding and also help design their website and several print material for their everyday use. These include: business cards, security signs and compliment slips.

Spartan Elite Security logo

Spartan Elite Security


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Spartan Elite Security

01. The Website


The Brief and what was delivered

The client, Spartan Elite Security, wanted their website to give off the feeling of luxury and prestige. They had very few visits to their website and as  result very low conversion. Therefore, we scrapped the old website and created a new one which wis more simple, yet functional.

Using the colour black as a main colour and gold highlights the VIP services now make sense. Black was a colour that existed on the previous website, but now it is dominant over white. Also, the black and white imagery makes the flat gold colour even more obvious.

The importance for conversion

An important aspect of every website is providing the user with an action; interactivity. In Spartan we added such interactivity with Call-to-Action buttons immediately above the fold.

In desktop view, apart from social icons on the left, a call, an email and a Services button are on the left. The services button in particular is very important as it leads to the services page, where each service is described.

In mobile view, there are two buttons at the bottom of the page, which are sticky, Services and Call.

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